Om Swastyastu! *

Welcome to Yoga with Kawidana

Welcome to my web page, Kawiyoga.

I am a Yoga teacher in East Bali, Indonesia and have known yoga as a part of life since childhood. My grandfather was a village priest who practiced Yoga everyday and I loved watching him practice his morning “surya namaskar” puja, Salute to the Sun.

I studied yoga at Ashram Gandhi in Candidasa, Bali and also in India in 1997-1998.  In India I met many yoga gurus, participated in workshops in various institutes and practised at a centre in the Himalayan foothills

Whether you a beginner or more experienced, I will try to make you feel comfortable and content in my yoga class

Love and Shaanti!


*(a Balinese greeting meaning “Good Health!”)

For a private class or details of group sessions please contact me: kawidana@gmail.com (also on Facebook: Kawidana Kawiyoga), mobile number (+62-8123604733)   address: Jalan PB.Sudirman 94 Amlapura, Bali, Indonesia   www.kawiyoga.wordpress.com

11 Responses to About

  1. Clare says:

    thanks Kawi for the great yoga sessions at Villa Sasoon One of the best things about my visit to Bali Om Shanti Clare

  2. Alison Gallyot says:

    Hi Kawi,
    Thank you for the wonderful sessions at Villa Campuhan and Villa Citakara. It was great to see you again. We have returned Cherry’s hat to her safely! Kindest Regards, Alison and Michael.

  3. Marie-Lou says:

    Thank you for the golden yoga class and everything else, dear Kawi! Nice pictures you’ve got here! I miss Bali already!

  4. Anna Mala says:

    Dear Kawi,

    I am planning to come to Bali in May and would love to try a yoga class, could you please recommend me some. I will be staying in Candidasa.

    Many thanks
    Anna Mala

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  6. Paula Blaze' says:

    Dear Kawi,

    I left without saying goodbye to you and this is still sitting heavily with me. This was doesnt feel private, but this is the way to contact you. I want to say big ‘thank you’. I was vulnerable and felt immense support and care from you when I was visited the ashram recently. Time was limited, but I have taken many beautiful lessons from experience with you to ‘listen’ for.
    I wish I could remember the warrior sequence!

    Much love and gratitude

  7. Gill says:

    Greetings from London Kwai! Just wanted to say thank you for the yoga classes at Zen diving – they were excellent! Hope to practise yoga with you next time I am back in Bali

  8. Franziska says:

    Dear Kawi, just back to Austria and ist my needs to say THANK YOU for the time at Villa Flow.
    I was the sunflower :)) Good vibes I brought back and hope to keep them for long time.
    All the best.

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